Tips and Suggestions For Training Your Dog’s Brain

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Dogs are amazingly clever animals who just love to learn. If you doubt me, just check out some to the amazing videos on Youtube of the things they can be taught.

Unfortunately, many dog owners never take the trouble to provide their dogs with mental stimulation. A pity really, because this can be achieved with not much work, and just a little bit of thought.

And you’ll end up with a happier, calmer, more fulfilled dog.

Listed below are 7 simple activities you can use to train your dog’s brain.

1. Canine IQ: Go to Google and enter “canine iq”. The search turns up a series of tests designed to find out how smart your dog is. The results are less important than the activities which will work your dog’s brain.

2. Problem Solving: Dogs have a talent for solving problems and puzzles, so design some for your dog and he’ll really enjoy working it out. For example, you could put a treat inside a Kong toy and let him try to retrieve it. Or you could hide his favorite toy, and challenge him to find it.

3. Basic Training: Training is a must for all dogs but an added benefit is that training forces the dog to think. It requires a considerable amount of focus to understand commands and know how to respond.

4. Teach a Trick: Once your dog has the basic obedience commands under his paw, you’ll be amazed at the complex tricks you can teach him.

Now, obviously some breeds are better at this than others. Hounds in particular are known for their obstinacy, and short attention spans when training.But, as long as you are prepared to put in the hours, and your dog is reasonably receptive, you can easily train your dog to do many of the tricks you see in the movies and on TV.

5. Make Your Dog Earn His Keep: Dogs in the wild have to work for everything they need, and despite centuries of domestication pet dogs are still prepared to do the same. Always make your dog do something to receive something in return. This could simply mean instructing him to sit before he gets a treat or a walk.

6. What’s Your Dog’s Day Job? Just about every breed of dog was bred with a particular job in mind. They still have the ingrained traits needed to do those jobs, so use this to your advantage.Witness your Sheltie trying to herd the family cat, or your Beagle following a scent when he’s on the lead and you’ll understand my meaning. Think up games and exercised that tap into these instinctive behaviors.

7. Canine Sports: These days there are hundreds of events all over where dog owners and their dogs can get together to participate in sports like fly-ball, agility and coursing.These events offer a great opportunity to give your dog both a mental and physical workout. Dogs of all breeds seem to love taking part and their human companions can have a real blast too.

Try the 7 exercises above with your dog and prepare to be amazed at what you and your canine companion can achieve.

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Tips and Suggestions For Training Your Dogs Brain
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