Dogtra Dog Collar: What In The World Are Dogtra Electronic Collars?

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Do you have a new dog?  If so, your new dog will probably need some training. In the case of working dogs or hunting dogs, training is especially essential. For the welfare of both you and your dog, you’ll need to find a safe, effective method of training.

The Dogtra Training Collar is probably the answer, as it has been for many hunting and sporting dog owners. This is one of the leading brands of dog training collars—and for good reason. These collars have some great features, including:

Safety Features: no static impulse is available above a safe level and no “accidental” jolt is possible, nor are sustained stimulations due to something sticking on the button or holding it down.

Waterproof: these collars are completely waterproof and work just as well wet as they do dry. Important if your dog is a water dog, such as a retriever.

Controlled Stimulation: you can control the stimulation, when it’s administered, and the level the stimulation takes (intensity and duration), within the safety limits of the collar.

Pager: you can also use the device to teach your dog to respond (or give him a “heads up”) without using the static stimulation.

Some people believe that training collars that deliver a stun to a dog means you’re being inhumane. This is simply a myth – these collars are veterinarian approved and are safe for your dog, and the added safety features ensure safe use. The secret to the successful use of the Dogtra Training Collar and any other type of training device is to combine the stimulation with a voice command so that your dog begins to learn what it expected of him.

Some of the Dogtra Dog Training Collar models that are available now are:

Dogtra 200ncp Gold Dog Training Collar

This training collar is ideal for small to medium sized dogs and can be used if your dog is less than a half mile away from you. The transmitter is lightweight, making it comfortable for you, and the transmitter itself is lightweight, as well. Using the transmitter, you can control the activation of the collar for training. This is also a good choice for hunters because of its large range of 880 yards so that your dog can learn what is expected of him when out on the field.

Dogtra 175ncp Dog Training Collar

This is Dogra’s top of the line unit, the Dogtra 174NCP is waterproof and works up to 400 yards away. While not perfect for hunters or longer-range trainers (scent dogs, flushers, etc.), this unit is perfect for the family pet and closer-to-home dog that doesn’t tend to wander far.

Both models of Dogtra Dog Training Collars are safe and effective for training your dog—whether it’s a hunter or a family pet (or both). Added safety features mean that your dog won’t be harmed during training. These are a safe, humane, and effective way to train your dog to be all that he can be!



Dogtra Dog Collar: What In The World Are Dogtra Electronic Collars?
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